A recurring dream... and an irresistible desire to be a warrior, sets Skyler on a perilous path no princess has taken before.



"All the best elements of fairy tales and epic battles are here, complete with an opening map of the Fanticlear territories.The authors have forged a creative tale replete with brisk pacing, uniquely distinctive creatures, medieval vernacular, and the age-old battle between good and evil. Once Skyler's thrilling journey to defend Fanticlear (and herself) begins, readers will be glued to the page and remain eager for the next installment." — Kirkus Reviews

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    About Us - The Authors

    We are a mother-daughter writing team from northern California. We love to collaborate and imagine new worlds, new creatures, and new rules and bring them all to life in new stories. Skyler of Fanticlear is our first novel. We are working on our second in the series, "The Knowing Orb of Fanticlear" which will be out later this year.

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    Fanticlear is a wondrous island inhabited by goddesses, fairies, talking dragons, and vampires. Five centuries ago, a war raged between an ancient race of brutal, and bloodthirsty Fiante (fierce) Vampires and a new race of Kihnalta (compassionate) Vampires. The new prevailed, yet rumors persist that a remnant band of Fiante's still exists, and are out for revenge... and the kingdom.

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